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Testimonials What parents, students, and educators have to say about Step Up to Writing and the great success they have seen.

"I used the Step Up to Writing strategies as a teacher of gifted and talented students; as a principal, I taught students and teachers how to use these strategies."

Dennis Corash, Ph.D. Elementary School Principal

"It works! I just wanted to let know the remarkable progress I have seen in my 9th grade students who were in Power English this year. We have a paragraph-writing component of our four-part geography exam where students defend their choice of the most desirable place in the world to live, based on atlas research. They attacked the assignments with confidence and skill. The paragraphs they wrote were impressive: well-organized, complete with topic sentence and conclusion, and backed with supporting detail."

Martha Riley High School Social Studies Teacher

"In these times of criticism of the public school for not doing the job, I would like to offer my congratulations to you and your staff for a job well done. My English teachers can hardly contain their enthusiasm concerning the writing skills of their students."

Kenneth Lytwyniuk High School Principal

"This is great stuff! I will be able to use these ideas with the little guys."

Denise Marshall First Grade Teacher

"The reading and writing strategies I learned from Mrs. Auman in the 7th grade helped me succeed at Cherry Creek High School. I use them everyday."

Tyler Neufeld High School Sophomore Student