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"Bilingual students who were taught and used these strategies changed from kids sitting in desks to students who saw themselves as successful readers and writers. Their confidence, sense of responsiblity, and leadership skills improved."

Ana Garcia Gustfason Middle School Assistant Principal

Word about Step Up to Writing spreads quickly from teacher to teacher and school to school. Step Up is unique in its ability to fit into literacy programs, curriculums, goals and standards, and instructional methods already in place. Teachers like the multisensory, practical, and flexible aspects of the reading, writing, listening, speaking, and thinking strategies. The testimonials, news items, and author stories tell the tale. Now you can share your own successes by contacting us with your story.

"These writing techniques have not only raised the skills of our special education students an average of two grade levels, they have also increased the students' confdence and willingness to approach academic tasks."

Mary Dove High School Pupil Services Coordinator