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From Read-Write to Step Up to Writing From 1985 to 1999, Step Up to Writing training and materials were known as The Read-Write Connection. The title "Step Up to Writing" was originally the name of a graduate course I designed and taught through Adams State College, now Adams State University (Alamosa, Colorado). The Step Up to Writing program now includes strategies, materials, and methods for a variety of writing tasks, but also gives teachers and students support for improving reading, listening, and speaking skills. Read-Write Connection remains as my company name.

Both Read-Write and Step Up materials and trainings have remained popular because of the multisensory, hands-on, direct instruction that teachers give and the practical tools and materials available for teacher and student support. Additionally, they are aligned with the Common Core State Standards to ensure that teachers and students meet their requirements.

The Step Up to Writing approach works for students K-12. This includes students in mainstream classes, advanced or remedial classes, English Language Learners, and more. In fact, Step Up works for anyone, any age, looking for immediate improvement in reading and writing.

Program Table of Contents

Step Up to Writing, 3rd Edition (2008)

Whether you are considering purchasing the Step Up to Writing program, or already have implemented it in your classroom, the Table of Contents is a handy reference to the key concepts, topics, strategies, and activities of the program.

Each level of Table of Contents - Primary, Intermediate, and Secondary - includes 10 standard Section headers and various sub-sections which highlight important Step Up concepts and teaching topics. Each level reflects a similar set of strategies and activities, designed for age-appropriate instruction and practice, in order to emphasize a common language and approach to building K-12 literacy.

Step Up to Writing in Math Available for K-12

Step Up to Writing in Math provides an effective, hands-on approach to improving student literacy and communication in math. This 260-page teacher guide includes a CD of reproducible masters for instruction, practice, and assessment.

Step Up to Writing Works for All Ages and Ability Levels

Instructional materials are available for Primary, Intermediate, and Secondary teachers and students. The Step Up Classroom Set includes everything a teacher needs to implement and teach the Step Up program.

Which Level is Best for My Students?

The following document provides guidance in purchasing the right level for you and your students whether you are looking for the right grade level or working with a special population.

Kindergarten Success

VanderMolen Elementary Schools student, Celina Sanchez, won a Writing Excellence Award with her paragraph about how her aunt was making decisions to live a life that was environmentally-friendly, or "green." To complete her work, Celina (1) created interview questions, (2) interviewed her aunt and others, (3) used interview responses to create an informal outline, (4) wrote a draft, and (5) completed her final copy using school computers.

The results are exciting -- enjoy!